The P-shot or Priapus shot is gaining popularity as people seeking resolution of their erectile dysfunction issues gain knowledge of the benefits made testament by those who have undergone the procedure, and also for many just trying to find new and exciting ways to spruce up their love lives. The shot was named after Priapus, a fertility god in ancient Greek history usually depicted in statue form with large genitalia.

What is the Priapus Shot?
This shot involves injecting platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) into the penis with skin numbing or penile block. The procedure is actually pain-free. The benefits of PRP treatment are being reaped in many different fields in medicine, from sports medicine (to improve regeneration of injured tissue) to cosmetic surgery. Its use in erectile dysfunction is rapidly gaining ground.

What benefits does the P-shot actually provide?
Platelet-rich blood promotes growth factor release, stem cell differentiation, new blood vessel development, aiding in cellular regeneration and repair. Our body has a miraculous repair system. In PRP we are using this mechanism to fix any tissue or vascular damage that occurs in the penile tissues that lead to erectile dysfunction.

Some benefits that are expressed by patients are for example;

  1. Better and stronger erections.
  2. Better circulation to the penis allowing for better maintaining of an erection.
  3. Increased sensitivity and stimulation (very helpful for those with erectile dysfunction)
  4. Increased sexual stamina.

When will I start seeing the results?
Results can take up to 12 weeks to take effect. It is due to the newly generated cells to grow and start working. The repeat injections may be quicker with repeated injections.

How is the procedure done?
The procedure takes only about half an hour but for results to be optimized additional treatments may be suggested by your doctor for optimization of the results. Once the patient is capable of initiating and maintaining an erection the procedure can be said to be successful.

Why should I have it at AAMC?
Before going for this procedure, it is always vital to make sure that your surgeon has the experience to perform this procedure competently. We, at the American Aesthetic Medical Center, provide you the best treatment options with an experienced and world-renowned team.