Prostate cancer and benign prostate cancer are more well-known diseases of the prostate gland. But Prostatitis, which means the inflammation of the prostate is also a very important health issue affecting one in every six men sometime in their life span.  Unlike prostate cancer or benign prostate hyperplasia which occur in later stages of life, prostatitis tends to occur in young men more frequently.

Prostatitis related symptoms have a spectrum that includes urinary symptoms, ejaculation problems sexual dysfunction and pain. Painful, frequent urination, burning sensation, urgent need to pee, decreased urinary flow rate are the main urinary symptoms. Some of these symptoms are shared with the benign prostate hyperplasia and they can co-exist as two entities of the prostate gland. Erectile dysfunction, painful ejaculation change in the semen color or even blood in the semen are sexual dysfunctions. Pain is also another prominent feature of prostatitis. It is usually between the scrotum and the rectum referred to as the perineum. Pain maybe even to an extent where the patient can not sit in extreme cases.

Majorly, two types of prostatitis are categorized: acute bacterial prostatitis and chronic prostatitis. Acute form is an emergency situation for urology that requires urgent treatment and intervention as it may even be lethal. Acute prostatitis presents with high fever, fatigue and all the symptoms mentioned above. In most cases, hospitalization might be necessary. The chronic type is much more common. Decreasing quality of life with constant perineal discomfort, urinary, and sexual symptoms. The severity of each symptom is evaluated personally for each patient and patient-specific treatment modality is mandated. If not properly addressed chronic prostatitis may even cause depression, decreased work productivity, marriage, and daily life disturbances.

A well-established diagnosis and patient-specific treatment plans can help you regain your quality of life. At the American Aesthetic Medical Center, we offer an extensive work-up and state-of-the-art treatment modalities for your needs. If you experience any of the abovementioned symptoms please come, let us help you.

– By Prof.Dr. Haluk Kulaksizoglu