Hormonal Treatments

This is another form of medical treatment. Hormonal replacement therapy increases desire (libido), functionality of penile tissues and have a general good effect on vascular health as well as psychological wellbeing. Hormonal treatments are two-edged blades. It should be very carefully balanced otherwise might cause ED or infertility themselves at the end if not used properly. Our body has a very delicate scale when it comes to hormones. There are positive and negative mechanisms meaning when hormone is necessary it increases production when there is enough stops it. Giving more than necessary hormone may block what original cell production and a sharp fall on the levels eventually. Hormonal replacement should also be done only after a check for prostate cancer or liver functions.

Easily available and used Effective in most cases Might have a definitive cure effect Increase self confidence especially in mild cases.

Very delicate use (should be calculated by your doctor) Combinations of different medications may be necessary Contraindicated in prostate cancer patients Careful monitorization in cardiac patients Careful monitorization in liver diseases .

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