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Infertility is a peculiar condition that occurs among males and females alike. This condition can occur due to a number of factors and warrants proper investigation. At American Aesthetic Medical Center, we boast of an exceptional team of infertility experts who are hand-picked on the basis of their outstanding qualifications, expertise and experience. We offer industry leading female and male infertility treatment in Dubai through methods that are bound to succeed as they are the result of years of practices and modern medical technology. Combining the two, we now have proprietary treatment and therapies available that actually work and have helped countless couples conceive.

Cutting-Edge Male Infertility Treatment In Dubai Is Now Available

Although infertility occurs among males and females alike, male infertility treatment involves testing several specimens of male semen. This helps the doctors identify the exact cause of the problem including low sperm count and genetic disorders to name a few. In addition, hormones are also tested using the patients’ blood samples. Our experts take into account your health condition as well, knowing that conditions like obesity, diabetes and heart diseases can also lead to infertility. No matter the cause, we assure you of advanced diagnostic procedures and world-class treatment methods.

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Unlike the misconception that infertility is incurable, we are here to give you the peace of mind that most cases of infertility can be easily treated through modern medical technologies and procedures. We have teams comprising of some of the best names in the industry, including proficient doctors and experts who have spent years in devising treatment methods for both male as well as female infertility. Using state of the art machines and imaging technologies, we are able to determine the exact cause of the problem. With a high success rate to our credit, you can rest-assured that our team of experts will do all they can to provide the proper treatment for your problem.

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