Drugs that increase blood flow into the penis and create erection even without any stimulation can be given directly to the penile tissues. This injection can be taught to the patient himself or his partner, just like the way some diabetics need to make injection to themselves. It is a very effective treatment option but the idea of injection to the penis seems to be unattractive initially to every patient. It is mainly used in patients who do not want to or can’t use oral medications for any reason; in patients who has gone under pelvic surgeries ( especially cancer surgeries)or radiotherapy where the nerves conducting the electric stimuli are damaged or cut; spinal cord injury patients or the vascular problems are non-responsive to other therapies. The application needs manual dexterity and correct drug dosage. If not done properly may have local side effects and un-wanted prolonged erection eventually damaging erectile tissues.

• Used successfully over 30 years Local effect/ no side effects More effective than oral therapies Erection is kept even after ejaculation ( good for premature ejaculation)

• Needs an injection into the penis Dosage must be set for individually It should be done 15 minutes prior to intercourse Priapism (*) Patient education and follow-up important Patient needs to carry the drug and one-use syringe with him When not done properly fibrosis on the penile shaft .
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