Oral Medical Therapies

Oral medicines in the PDE5inhibitor group (sildenafil, tadalafil, vardenafil, udenafil) has changed the way medicine approaches ED patients. These drugs are used efficiently since the end of 1990’s. They work on the penile structures and dilatation of the arteries so that penis functions more efficiently. The use of each drug differs. Wrong usage may cause serious side effects or ineffective results. None of these drugs are ‘aphrodisiacs’, meaning they will not give an erection once you take it and don’t do any stimulation. The starting period of the effects may differ with food or alcohol intake. Tadalafil has a longer half life than the other choices giving a chance for a more spontaneous intimacy when used in a regime. However, these drugs are no angels, they can be lethal in combination with nitrate containing drugs in cardiac patients. They may also interact with other drugs. They should be used under the control of doctors. The recreational use of these drugs are common but without proper instructions and precautions people should be educated to what should and should not be expected.

Easily available and used Effective in most cases Might have a definitive cure effect Increase self confidence especially in mild cases.

Very delicate use (should be calculated by your doctor) Combinations of different medications may be necessary Contraindicated in prostate cancer patients Careful monitorization in cardiac patients Careful monitorization in liver diseases.

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