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Beyond a doubt, P-shot or Priaspus shot therapy is known as one of the most effective therapies to enhance sexual performance and wellness. We at American Aesthetic Medical Center take pride in providing p shot in Dubai that is safe, and can be tried without you worrying about its side effects. The procedure is safe as it is non-surgical and involves harvesting Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) from your own blood, which is then re-injected back in to the body to help regenerate, repair and rejuvenate the penis.

Benefit From The Wonders Of P Shot In Dubai

We provide p shot Dubai therapy that is guaranteed to work for those suffering from penile erection problems. Erectile dysfunction can be a nightmare-like situation for men. We understand the severity of the situation and realize how stressful it can be for the couple. That is why our experts are dedicated to working on solutions that are designed to help patients recover from their problems and enjoy better sexual health. With the application of the p-shot therapy, the patient notices considerable improvements almost immediately. The procedure takes little time, with minimal discomfort.

With a highly specialized team of P-shot experts, we assure you of administering the treatment in complete privacy. We take a holistic, patient-focused approach towards diagnosing and treating sexual health issues, so you can be assured of utmost comfort all through the process. So if you are on the lookout for a sexual health clinic that can diagnose and treat your issues using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment, then American Aesthetic Medical Center is just where you should be.

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  • Stronger, firmer erections
  • Easier to achieve and maintain erections (i.e., improved sexual stamina)
  • Increased penile length and girth
  • Improvement in or the resolution of penile curvature from Peyronie’s Disease
  • Resolution of penile pain with erection
  • Increased sensitivity in the penis
  • Better overall blood flow to the penis.

The P-Shot improves blood flow to the penis and restores the ability to achieve longer and stronger erections. The growth factors in PRP rejuvenate existing blood vessels and stimulate the production of new ones which significantly improves blood flow to the penis, and good blood flow is essential to erectile function.

PRP therapy is a type of stem cell therapy as it stimulates the growth of new cells in erectile tissues which can potentially increase the girth and length of your penis size.

  • How Long Does the P-Shot Procedure Take to Perform? The PRP injection is performed in our office. It should take about 60 minutes from start to finish but we do usually allow a little extra time. You may drive yourself home after the procedure.
  • When Can I Resume Sexual Activity After the P-Shot® Procedure? You may resume sexual activity about 4 hours after the procedure on the same day.
  • What Are the Potential Side Effects of the P-Shot®? Since PRP is extracted from your blood, there are few and only minor potential side effects. These include minor bleeding or bruising, swelling, and very rarely infection.
  • Does the Procedure Hurt? Patients experience little to no pain. A medical professional will apply local anesthetic cream on the area and wait for it to take effect before administering the injections.
  • How Long Does Each Shot Last? The effects of the shots typically last up to 8-10 months.
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