Penile Implant (Prosthesis) Surgery

Maybe the most effective treatment available for ED. Used since 1970’s. Surgically the implant is placed inside the erectile chambers. It can not be seen from outside. The patient satisfaction is reported to be over 95%. When interviewed those who had the surgery 97% recommend the procedure who need it. There are two kinds of devices available in the market: malleable ( always hard enough for intercourse but bendable) and inflatable ( has multi-component system where the patient uses a pump to fill the cylinders and empty them). The inflatable system is the choice of device in most cases but there are some that will require malleable ones. They are irreversible surgeries therefore, surgery is the last resort after trying other treatment methods.

Penile implant surgery requires an experienced surgical team, a good preparation and post-operative care. A correct device choice, correct placement and appropriate post-operative care provides an unprecedented sexual life since the erection stays as long as the couple desires and both parties enjoy normal sensation and climax.

Very effective 95% patient and partner satisfaction Ultimate solution to ED Life-long guarantee .

Surgical risks Needs experienced surgeons Infection risk <1% mechanical malfunction Re-operation when a problem happens Irreversible .


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