Shockwave Therapy

This is a novel treatment with minimal side effects or systemic contraindications. The logic lies activating our own body rejuvenation systems. Whenever there is a trauma to a part of our body, cells that recover and regenerate are sent to this location. Shockwaves delivered in a low density to the tissues do not harm the tissues but provokes the rejuvenation tissues to penile structures and start generating healthy new smooth muscles and vasculature. This is repeated in an extended period of time to assure enough reaction. The results become evident after 6-12 weeks. It can be used alone or inconjunction with similar modalities such as medical therapies or P-shot therapies.

Easily available and used Effective in most cases Might have a definitive cure effect Increase self confidence especially in mild cases .

Very delicate use (should be calculated by your doctor) Combinations of different medications may be necessary Contraindicated in prostate cancer patients Careful monitorization in cardiac patients Careful monitorization in liver diseases .


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