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In his own words:

“I have graduated from Istanbul American Robert College in 1985 and got my medical degree at Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Medical School. During my study, I had summer internships at the Sandwell District Hospital, UK in Radiology and the Royal Hallamshire Hospital UK, in Urology. As my interest grew in the Urology field and I went on my studies as a urology resident in Istanbul Training and Research Hospital. During the fourth year of my residency, I went to the Boston University Department of Urology for a 6 month rotation. I have been involved in many aspects of urology during this period.
After I returned to Turkey, written my thesis and graduated as a specialist I was offered by the Boston University to come back as a clinical research fellow. I have completed all necessary evaluation and had the pleasure of working with Prof. Dr. Irwin Goldstein and Prof. Dr. Mike Siroky, both of whom are the most prominent figures in the Urology field. My main topics of research were erectile dysfunction and neuro-urology specially urodynamic.
After completion of my work at Boston University, I have returned to Istanbul and started working at the Istanbul Training and Research Hospital as a specialist and established the Sexual Dysfunction and Neuro-Urology Units in this Institution. I also had a successful academic and private practice. In 2008, I was offered to establish the Urology Department in the newly formed Selcuk University Selcuklu Medical School. I have been the founder and the Chair of the Department until my return to Istanbul to attend and then Chair the Urology Department at Istanbul Bilim University. With all the experience and knowledge, I am very happy to extend my services under the roof of American Aesthetic Medical Center here in this lively, vibrant and enthusiastic city of Dubai.
Academically, Dr. Haluk Kulaksizoglu has 20 SCI and SCI-expanded peer-reviewed articles in international journals, 4 international book chapters, 45 oral and poster presentations in international meetings,20 Turkish peer-reviewed articles, 40 national presentations, and 5 Turkish book chapters. These papers contributed to the development of the Urology field and have been cited in more than 600 papers. He has been the co-editor of Turkish Andrology Bulletin for 2 years (1999-1997). He is on the reviewing board of more than 10 national and international journals. Dr. Haluk Kulaksizoglu has been the primary investigator in many international and national drug studies.